Our Past

110 McCurdy

Looking back to 1977 and the beginnings of the history of Trinity Presbyterian Church it seems a little like reliving history as so many of the events in our past are now being mirrored in our present history, as once again, Trinity embarks on the exciting process of building a new church. In 1977 the first members of Trinity under the leadership of Rev. Ralph Kendall met in local schools in the sparsely populated and totally undeveloped lands of Kanata. By Feb. 1979, 29 members made the commitment to build a church. The result of that commitment was the completion and dedication of the “White Church on the Hill” in May of 1981. This first “passive solar” church in Canada was designed and built by architect Barry J. Hobin and Associates who was ably assisted by Mr. Bruce Gough, a passive solar heat expert.

In June of 1983 Rev. Kendall was called to work with the Board of World Mission of the National Church in Toronto. Less then two months later Trinity welcomed Rev. John Bannerman as its minister and began a new phase in its ministry with enthusiasm and an awareness of the call to announce the Christian Gospel. In July of 1992 Rev. Bannerman was also called to work with the National Church in Toronto, as part of a group of three people under the title of “Education for Discipleship.”

Rev. Shaun Seaman was called to minister to our congregation in 1993, and we still continue under his inspirational guidance. Available for talks, discussions, laughs and reassurance, Shaun remains our stalwart leader.

This brief overview of Trinity’s history comes to present day when once again, having outgrown our present surroundings, the members of Trinity are embarking on the exciting prospect of building a new church.  In February, 2000, faced by the realization that Trinity had outgrown its present location, Session, the governing body of Trinity, established a Building Planning Committee to analyze all options. It was decided that as hard as it would be to leave our present site, it would be more feasible financially to build on a new site than expand on the current property. Proceeding, however, depended on locating an affordable property. In 2001, we were blessed with a most generous donation by the Powell family of four acres of land on Richardson Side Rd. Our new address will be 1817 Richardson Side Road,which is about 6 minutes from our present location..

The firm of, Ralph Vandenberg Architect Inc., and the construction management firm, Hawkey Church Management Ltd, were hired to help us complete this undertaking. The plans were approved by the local Presbytery and the national Committee on Church Architecture. Several steps in construction were begun.  However, work was forced to come to a standstill for several years pending the sale of the 110 McCurdy site which finally took place in June 2013.  The move from our beloved “little white church on the hill” was made easier by the sale of that church to Hospice Care Ottawa (formally known as Ottawa Hospice Services).  While in transition and pending completion of the new church the congregation shared the facilities of Kanata Christian Reformed Church at 46 Castlefrank Rd.   Work resumed  immediately on the new church and the progress has been amazing under the capable hands of Trinity’s Building Committee headed up by Bob Connelly.

Many congregational members have donated their time and talents to help complete the construction. The goal is set and we hope to offer even more programs and opportunities to grow together in faith and continue to reflect God’s light into the community. It’s been a great history and one we have shared as a faith community, ever growing, ever changing as communities do.